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Game Plan Parenting

Parenting can be one of the most challenging, yet most rewarding experiences you'll ever have. What would it be like if you could design your own parenting "playbook" based on your family's values and goals? Game Plan Parenting is all about supporting and empowering parents in establishing a family structure based on their own unique values, personalities and ways of communicating. Through a coaching framework - where you are the expert - you will be able to utilize what you've learned to create your own unique family playbook. What you'll come away with is the tools, support, and structure you need to navigate through every phase of parenting. This course is for new, expecting, and experienced parents. Ready to sign up?

Here's What You'll Get....

Game Plan Parenting consists of six modules aimed at helping parents create their own unique parenting plan. Each module contains a 30 minute recording along with exercises that will help you strengthen the learning every step of the way.

Module 1 - What's Your Parenting Style?

We'll begin our journey by discovering what the current research says about parenting styles and what that means for children and their cognitive & emotional development. We'll also gain a better understanding of what every child needs to develop into a well-adjusted, happy adult. With that deeper awareness, parents can apply it to their own family, considering each unique personality and within their own family culture.

Module 2 - Family Values

When teaching values, it's important to remember that as parents, we have a colossal responsibility to teach our children values AND to help them become independent thinkers, effective problem solvers, and valuable members of society. Developing a foundation of family values also gives kids a sense of safety and structure. By clearly communicating our values, children understand what is expected of them and develop a greater sense of autonomy. 

Module 3 - Communication

Communication is a two-way street. Even between adults, this can be tricky terrain to maneuver through. For kids, communication that is simple, honest, and delivered with a caring heart is by far the most effective. When children learn at an early age how to communicate effectively, they have greater emotional intelligence and the ability to adapt and adjust to whatever comes their way. 

Module 4 - Getting Through the Tough Times

Inevitably, there will be times when all your very best intentions and stellar parenting skills will leave you feeling like you've failed in a great, big way. It's at these times when families can begin to unravel or grow stronger. We'll discover how, by working through the tough stuff, you can come out even stronger. 

Module 5 - Simplify & Unify

We all want the very best for our kids. But what if that’s become just too much? The key to better family unity may be more about simplification. It’s about stepping back and taking a great big look at what is “overcomplicating” our lives and the lives of our kids. We’ll learn how simplification, balance and developing a rhythm can take the stress out of your family’s life.

Module 6 - Your Very Own Family Game Plan!

In this final module, we’ll “connect the dots” and pull together all the tools you’ve gained from the previous 5 modules. This is where we get to acknowledge and celebrate your parenting journey. We’ll move forward in a positive and powerful way that will bring your family a future of joy, happy memories and appreciation of the “now”.

Parent Coaching Package

Many parents find that additional one-on-one coaching while working through the modules is extremely helpful. That's why Game Plan Parenting offers one-on-one Parent Coaching to compliment the GPP experience. 

You will receive (6) one-hour coaching teleconference sessions with Game Plan Parenting creator, Mary Ann Marx. 

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Mary Ann Marx, BS, PLCC, PCC

Professional Life Coach & Creator of Game Plan Parenting. For more information, email at: [email protected]

"I am growing as a parent in powerful ways thanks to this class"

"This class was a great way to realize not just my parenting style, but also gave me great insight into myself."

"Mary Ann is fantastic and an incredibly engaging instructor! I would highly recommend this class!"

"A wonderful teacher, a comfortable environment, and a real life changing experience."

"This class taught me one of the most important lessons I could learn - not to judge myself and to be proud of my own, unique family!"

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